Time Attendance

Synmax Time Attendance Reader is the best solution to manage staff attendance.
The device is reliable and easy to operate. It support 3 ways of capturing staff attendance i.e. fingerprint, proximity card & password. The attendance system can support multi-shift type of working hour.
Synmax Time Attendance is able to link with SQL Payroll program for transferring overtime information. Thus save time for computing & entering employees' overtime information.
Below is the comparison chart between Synmax Fingerprint Time Attendance Reader VS Punch Card Machine to capture staffs' daily attendant.
  Synmax Fingerprint Time Attendance Reader Punch Card Machine
Staff Attendance Accuracy Using fingerprint to capture staff attendance, thus very accurate. Not Accurate.
Attendant Data Analysis Staff attendance analysis data is presented in spreadsheet format,easy to read,analyses & can export to excel format. Data is captured in card form, very hard to read.
Able to calculate total overtime Able to capture staff overtime and export to payroll for monthly payroll calculation. Manual calculation is required. Thus very time consuming.


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