SQL Payroll Software

SQL Payroll is a simple, user-friendly payroll system which helps company to calculate their staffs' monthly salary, generate payslip, payroll summary & government reports (example EPF Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A, Income Tax CP39 & etc). It consists of 3 major modules, HR, Payroll & Leave Management. Employees can be categorized into different department, branch, category, project, task and etc. Payroll help you auto-calculate salary, overtime pay, EPF & SOCSO contribution & PCB. The leave management help you to monitor your staffs' leave information.
Feature & Functionality
HR Feature
  1. Maintain Employee - To maintain staff's personal, family, grouping, payroll information.
  2. Maintain Branch - To maintain branch master information.
  3. Maintain Department - To maintain department master information.
  4. Maintain Group - To maintain group master information.
  5. Maintain Category - To maintain category master information.
  6. Maintain Project - To maintain project master information.
  7. Maintain Job - To maintain job master information.
  8. Maintain Task - To maintain task master information.
  9. Maintain Race - To maintain race master information.
  10. Maintain History Type - To maintain type of update history pertaining to employee.
  11. Loan - To setup loan repayment schedule. (Additional RM300 to purchase this function)

Payroll feature

  1. New Payroll - To process adhoc, frequency or final payroll.
  2. Open Payroll - To view back previous months payroll.
  3. Open Pending Payroll - To enter wages, overtime, claim & etc information before process payroll. Data can be updated during the month before process payroll.
  4. Maintain Wages - To maintain wages information.
  5. Maintain Frequency -  To maintain payroll frequency for company who pay salary more than 1 time a month.
  6. Maintain Contribution - To maintain contribution type, working day, working hour information pertaining to employee.
  7. Maintain Allowance - To maintain allowance type master information.
  8. Maintain Deduction - To maintain deduction type master information.
  9. Maintain Overtime - To maintain overtime rate master information.
  10. Maintain Claim - To maintain claim type master information.
  11. Maintain Commission - To maintain commission type master information.
  12. Maintain Payment Method - To maintain payment method type master information. 
Payroll Reports
  1. Payslip
  2. Payroll Summary
  3. Coinage Listing
  4. Cheque Listing
  5. Credit Bank Report
  6. Contribution Info
  7. Yearly Payroll Report
  8. Yearly 


Government Reports

  1. EPF Borang A
  2. SOCSO Borang 2 (Joined)
  3. SOCSO Borang 3 (Resigned)
  4. SOCSO Borang 8A
  5. Income Tax CP39
  6. Income Tax CP39A
  7. Income Tax CP22
  8. Income Tax CP22A
  9. Income Tax EA Form
  10. Income Tax EC Form
  11. Income Tax CP 8/CP159
  12. Income Tax CP8D
  13. Income Tax PCB 2(II)
  14. Zakat Borang Skim Berkat


Leave Management

  1. Leave Application - To enter staff leave information.
  2. Leave Entitlement - To process staff yearly leave entitlement.
  3. Maintain Calendar - To enter working calendar information.
  4. Maintain Leave Type - To maintain leave type master information.
  5. Maintain Leave Group - To maintain leave group master information.
Leave Reports
  1. Leave Application Report
  2. Attendance Report
  3. Leave Balance Report
  4. Yearly Leave Report

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